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What can I say besides she is the VERY BEST! I have been practicing with MaryAnn for 4 years both in classes full of students and in one-on-one sessions. She has helped me gain confidence in myself as a yogi and as an individual. She pushes me to push myself but also knows when I need to slow it down and listen to my body (especially during pregnancy). MaryAnn’s love for movement is everpresent in the way she flows and transitions through both her yoga and dance practice. The way she sequences yoga flows on demand is so creative. She helps people explore and play with movement, moving them beyond their comfort zone. I have had many “ah ha” moments with MaryAnn all because of her “Just try it” perspective.

Christiane R.

MaryAnn is such an incredible teacher, mover, and healer. I’ve been incredibly blessed to be her students and have learned and healed so much. Forever grateful.

Kelsey P.

Such an amazing teacher! She cares about you to HELP you care about yourself. I feel so improved in my yoga after a couple sessions with MaryAnngeline.

Victoria S.

I have been going to MaryAnn’s classes for the past couple of years and she has been consistently amazing. She continues to keep me moving forward in my practice by encouraging me to move past my comfort zone and explore new areas I wouldn’t pursue on my own. Her ability to connect with her students combined with her knowledge of the way the body moves makes her an amazing teacher.

Adrianna K.

I have to say that MaryAnngeline’s heated yoga class is food for my body and soul! It’s helping me to open up in more than one way. My body feels great and I hope to be continuing my practice with her if she’ll have me. #maryanngelineyogaforlife

Gabriel L.


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