Non-traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes for the Adventurous Student with an Open Mind. 

This platform is for the practiced yogini that wants to add more flavor to her everyday practice. 

This space is also for the open-minded beginner who wants to show up on their mat and meet the unique intersection of yoga asana, creativity, dance-inspired transitions, and mobility curated directional changes.

We want you to have a well-rounded and cultured yoga experience here on Kineesi. We believe that if you are curious about how your body moves on and off your mat, you will find the advanced vinyasa creative flows on our platform exciting, invigorating and never dull!

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"Kineesi" comes from the Greek word for movement. 

You may be thinking, "why is that important?" Well, for the founder, MaryAnngeline it means everything. To move is to heal. To move is to process. To move is to be alive. 

Movement is key and her teaching is a mixture of all the movement modalities she has experienced from her Greek culture to her time as a dance major and even her studies in traditional Yoga classes. 

Practice anytime, anywhere

Practice anytime, anywhere

Our classes, workshops, and teacher trainings invite you to open your mind to the possibility of the vast creative expression of our uniquely non-traditional movement structure.

We are versatile, intuitive movement to strengthen your commitment to your body, mind, and spirit.

The commitment we have to guiding your evolution as a yogini is to not only have fun on your mat but also to support longevity and mobility in your life. We want you to be able to get off the ground without using your hands when you’re 80!

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Kineesi is always there for you!

Having navigated life’s most difficult challenges, you are not afraid to dive deeper into yourself through a non-traditional practice of yoga movement.

We honor the tradition and yet seek to find creative ways to express the present moment through body awareness, breathwork practice and mental stimulation in each of our classes.

This exciting community encourages supporting each other to attain and maintain our wellness goals. We believe that committing to a nontraditional program provides you the accountability to show up on your mat everyday, no matter what life has to throw at you.

Non - traditional consistency yields results
Non - traditional consistency yields results

Non - traditional consistency yields results

We want you to come to Kineesi classes without any expectations or any precognition of how the class will unfold. We believe this challenges your mind with fun brain teasers and makes every single class its own exciting journey.

You will see results through your consistent practice and accountability through our live classes and annual retreats and trainings.

If you are yearning for versatility of movement and sequencing, and not afraid of making your own modifications and adjustments as needed, we are delighted to help you feel more lubricated in your joints, content in your mental wellbeing, and manifest your intentions by staying committed to your daily practice on your mat.

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Hear from the Kineesi Community 

Testimonials from our students. 

"I have been practicing yoga consistently with MaryAnngeline for over 5 years. She is a very creative and insightful instructor who connects with her students to provide the movement they need to further their growth. Her flows are inventive and unique and vary from day to day. Each class is uniquely designed and delivered. In addition to participating in MaryAnngeline's in person studio based classes, I have attended workshops, retreats and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, as well as being one of the first members of her online virtual studio. Having interacted with her in all these realms allows me to say with great confidence that MaryAnngeline is a very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher and mentor. I highly recommend her, with out hesitation." -Kathryn H. 

"Such an amazing teacher! She cares about you to HELP you care about yourself. I feel so improved in my yoga after a couple sessions with MaryAnngeline." -Victoria S.

"MaryAnn is such an incredible teacher, mover, and healer. I’ve been incredibly blessed to be her students and have learned and healed so much. Forever grateful." - Kelsey P.

"I have to say that MaryAnngeline’s yoga class is food for my body and soul! It’s helping me to open up in more than one way. My body feels great and I hope to be continuing my practice with her if she’ll have me. #maryanngelineyogaforlife" -Gabriel L.

"What can I say besides she is the VERY BEST! I have been practicing with MaryAnn for 4 years both in classes full of students and in one-on-one sessions. She has helped me gain confidence in myself as a yogi and as an individual. She pushes me to push myself but also knows when I need to slow it down and listen to my body (especially during pregnancy). MaryAnn’s love for movement is everpresent in the way she flows and transitions through both her yoga and dance practice. The way she sequences yoga flows on demand is so creative. She helps people explore and play with movement, moving them beyond their comfort zone. I have had many “ah ha” moments with MaryAnn all because of her “Just try it” perspective." -Christiane R.

"I have been going to MaryAnn’s classes for the past couple of years and she has been consistently amazing. She continues to keep me moving forward in my practice by encouraging me to move past my comfort zone and explore new areas I wouldn’t pursue on my own. Her ability to connect with her students combined with her knowledge of the way the body moves makes her an amazing teacher." -Adrianne K.

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The BEST Investment for YOU!

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At Kineesi we want to give you the opportunity to experience your transformation through movement adapted to your body, skills, and energy each day - Our Community is growing with movers committed to their evolution and who are looking for a more creative experience.

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