Feeling Stuck, Bored or at a Plateau in your Yoga Practice?

Discover how you can easily liven it up (...even if you think you've tried it all)

Invite in some Creative Flow today!

Who am I and Why should you even care?

My name is MaryAnngeline, I'm a movement teacher and I'm on a mission of helping all the people who feel stuck in their yoga practice. 

I've been in this space for over 10 years and I have had the honor of helping hundreds of people around the world to improve their yoga practice by implementing new and effective strategies that are very different to what most teachers are teaching. 

It's been a long and very exciting journey where I have been able to build amazing resources and experiences for my audience. 

  • Free YouTube Videos (Check out my channel here)

  • Dedicated Yoga and Movement Classes

  • Yoga Retreats around the World

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and Workshops

  • ...and so many more others exciting classes, adventures and programs.

How will I help you?

After working with so many individuals throughout all of these years I've found that the best way to keep helping people to the best of my abilities was by creating a unique place where everybody can benefit from all the knowledge I have to share about yoga and movement. That's why I created KINEESI.

Kineesi is so much more than just a virtual yoga studio. It is a full experience where you can benefit not only from all the knowledge you can find there but it's the perfect place where we get to connect with more people just like us. 

It really doesn't matter where you are right now in your yoga journey, you could be in any "level", but if you feel that there's nothing more you could add to your routine, at Kineesi you will realize there is so much more creativity you can implement in your flows. 

What to do next?

Join Kineesi today and you will realize that there's a whole world of knowledge, flows and creativity waiting to be discovered by you. 

Stop learning from just anybody and be apart of a real community of movers who strive for a healthy movement lifestyle. 

This is ALL for YOU!

As an ANNUAL Member you will get 12 months of access too

Full Library of Professional Movement Videos that will get you moving in no time! ($1997 VALUE)

New weekly pre-recorded classes added so you can always have new + fresh content to evolve your practice. ($399 Value)

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Member Only Access to the Community Tab - you will know all the information in regards to Kineesi first! ($497 Value)

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